Nurses in Business: Caring and Business in One

Nurses' Creativity in Business and Finance


 Going into business has evolved into another specialty: Nurse Entrepreneurship.

The number of nurses going into business has significantly increased through the years.


Some factors to consider when going into business are knowledge, skills and passion. When nurses go into business, where else can they go into than the area that they know best: healthcare. The healthcare industry offers a big field of opportunities for nurses going into business.


While nurses venture into the corporate world, their passion for caring still have a special place in their hearts. Nurses do business that no ordinary entrepreneur has: caring and business in one. 


If you are a nurse and  looking to pursue another career in nursing, you might want to check on healthcare. We have a lot of possibilities and we can assist you to start your own Nursing Office.




Redefining Politics in Business (and how to master it)

Politics in business? But of course!

In reality, politics is the “game”, everyone in business and in life play. It’s everywhere, that, whether we like it or not, it's a game you have to play if you want to survive and succeed.  In view of the enormously high stakes, it's a game you'd better know how to play well and become the greatest “politician” there is. It’s the greatest measure of your success, in whichever perspective you want to relate.

While you need the greatest motivation and creativity to succeed, your own experiences are not enough. You need not reinvent the wheel, but rather strengthen yourself with the tools already proven to make that process easier and transform you from a “lone ranger” to a master of your own empire.

Learn how to stand out from merely competent to outstandingly effective person, using the tools, street-smart hints, tips, shortcuts, ploys, strategies and approaches for surviving – and thriving – in the company political arena.  Learn how to defend yourself; how to get an edge on adversaries; how to win allies; how to work the system; how to lead and how to stay on top.

There is a book that will help you Master your skills:

  • Why style – rather than performance – is the key factor in determining who makes it to the boardroom, and how to appraise your style realistically
  • When teamwork isn't the answer
  • How to evaluate an adversary's true clout – calmly, coolly and accurately
  • How to arrange an immediate 35% salary jump for yourself and leapfrog across the company's formal salary structure
  • How to look like the "person of status" in a group – regardless of your actual job title or rank
  • Risk your way to the top – how to assess dangers and take smart chances
  • How to deal diplomatically with a colleague who steps on your toes – and the last resort if diplomacy fails
  • Shrewd alternatives when you are faced with a big problem: bypassing your boss
  • A startling test that reveals how to double your chances of persuading someone to see things your way
  • The virtues of letting your ideas get stolen – on purpose

Become one of the sharpest political operatives ever to outfox an adversary, build an intra-company constituency, beguile a board of directors and take a company into a more profitable future. Thrive in the game of politics with The Black Book of Executive Politics – get your copy today!


Best Business Practices: Principles for success

If you do something that you think makes a positive difference in society, you will go a long way and are headed to greatness.


A friend once told me, “If you can think of one universal idea, one that will have an appeal to anyone, whatever culture and circumstances there may be; an idea that will apply to most of the people, then you are headed to success. And if you can apply that to business, even if you get only a cent from each person, then you can strike it rich, considering the billion of people in the world. “


·         Customer Service

·         Going Green

·         Human Resources and Leadership

·         Sales and Marketing

·         Technology

Wisdom in Business

"Competitors may approximate your products, replicate your services and even install the same leading edge technologies that you use, but they cannot duplicate your people. Fact is, its workforce is the only truly sustainable competitive advantage any business has." ~Rich Layton

Annette Tersigni: The Yoga Nurse®

Annette, a former fashion model, cover girl and actress who appeared in commercials, films and as one of the “Mighty Carson Art Players” on the Johnny Carson show, lived the Hollywood Dream. A frequent guest of the rich and famous, she says she “retired from show business before the business retired her.”


Destiny guided her to a new life as a specialist in stress management, medical yoga and Ayurveda, the science of life and longevity. Returning to college at the age of 48, she graduated with honors as an RN at 51.


She shares the spirituality in her life as an educator and healer. She initiated the first yoga therapy program for cancer patients at Raab Oncology Clinic and is currently creating the new field of Yoga Nursing®


She has dedicated the last 14 years to educating people in Europe, Canada and the USA on how to lead healthy and spiritual lifestyles. Carteret General Health Care employees in Morehead City, North Carolina, say their lives have improved since Annette, a fellow employee, introduced them to a peaceful reprieve.