"The way one looks at anything is as unique and diverse as there are people of varied natures."

Artistic Expression

Artistic expression can happen in many ways. It is not always about drawing a picture, singing a song, playing music, or acting. The way that you arrange your home or workspace is an artistic expression. So is how you dress and do your hair. Each thing you do is an expression of you and your choice of style. Being uniquely artistic is innate in everyone. Everybody is an artist.


Myrna D. Santos, MSN, RN

Executive Director/Dragon Gallery of New York


WINDOWS by Magarita Marfori
Dragon Gallery New York presents Ms. Margarita Marfori's Windows

Schedule of Events/Program Highlights


I  OPEN HOUSE "WINDOWS to PCCSA" (Collaboration, Networking)........................Consuelo Almonte

II The World Through My Window.......................................................................Margarita Marfori

III Building Bridges Program: Networking for Artists (Windows of Opportunities)..... Ludy Resurreccion

IV A Window of Pakistan/ Pakistana................................................................  Ma. Consuelo Almonte

V  A Window to Autism...................................................................Bienvenido Banez/Autism Survivor

V  AHA Moments & Discoveries………………………………………………………………..Myrna D. Santos


The Library & Museum of Philippine American History, Arts & Culture

& The Nursing Office Extended Arts Center                                                                  Building Bridges Program for Artists



An Artistic Milieu by, with, and for Filipino Artists


In the Renaissance of Philippine Art and Culture, a lively platform for Filipino artists and Filipino-American artists has yet to become a prominent part of Fil-Am daily life.  Oftentimes many artists from the homeland come to America, seeking validation of their artworks or artistic visions, appreciation and sustenance from largeraudiences beyond the homeland.



 1.  To provide internationally recognized Exhibition Space(s) for Filipino and Filipino-American artists to exhibit all forms of artistic works in all modes and mediums, and develop facilities or enhance available physical spaces toward a permanent Philippine Arts Gallery & Exhibition space.

 2.  To create Crossroads of Arts, an intersecting Environment or Space where community members visually experience artistic works, meet in person and interact with Filipino / Filipino-American artists and know them as persons.  More importantly, to recognize, appreciate, and accept our Artists as vital and integral culture-bearers of the evolving authentic Filipino identity and spirit.

 3.  To explore, experiment, and pursue innovative approaches, plans, and strategies to create Viable Market Opportunities to help sustain Filipino/Filipino-American artists' livelihood for safety, survival and continuing artistic productivity.

 4.  To increase and enhance the understanding and appreciation of Art as a Channel of Life's truths and wisdom, stimulated by intellectual and aesthetic criticism of writers, journalists, academicians, historians or other visionaries who view works of artists from different, varied genres, mediums, styles and schools, or historical eras.

 5.  To maintain and sustain Filipino artists' visibility, exposure and active participation in the Renaissance of Philippine History, Art, and Culture here in America and in the Philippines.


To address this true need of our native, original talent from the homeland, The Nursing Office formally launches the space called DRAGON GALLERY NEW YORK There’s more to Art, at its location on 115-03 Atlantic Avenue, Richmond Hill, New York 11418.  It is the first of its kind in the area.




Dragon Gallery New York "There's More to Art"

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UNVEILING Productions


INTER-CULTURAL DIALOGUE by Victor "Bong Espinosa


On the last days of Summer, September 22-30, 2016, The Nursing Office Community Center opens the door to DRAGON GALLERY NEW YORK by exhibiting the works of Victor “Bong” Espinosa, natural home-grown, self-taught artist from Davao City, Philippines.  The exhibition is being curated by Bienvenido Bones Banez, foremost well-known Filipino Surrealist artist with the Williamsburg Art & Historical (WAH) Center, Brooklyn, also a native of Davao City, Philippines.


To know all about the Artist, go to www.bestofdavao.com.ph/victor-bong-espinosa/ and his website www.expodepinas.wix.com/espinosa.


INTER-CULTURAL DIALOGUE” is the overall theme of this maiden exhibition.  It is also the title of one of Bong’s major works (4.5 ft. x 8 ft., 2009, Mixed media on Pelon fabric, Artist’s price $1,500).


Inspired, informed, and initiated by the terrain and peoples of Mindanao in the Philippines, the Artist seeks to show their survival struggles amidst oppressive structures of dominant westernized Christian cultures, as he visualized during travels back from the Philippines to the U.S. In general the Artist describes his work as “Neo-Ethnic” in genre.  “It is modern yet so pristinely native in appearance. You can see the integral elements of local culture via the diversities.  In this artwork there is a concept of fusion and artistic evolution, especially certain images that portray the enduring premise on the humanity issues.  Its content points out an aspect of reality where human endeavors create a passage of life.” 


Interestingly, this artwork was Bong’s First Outdoor Exhibit in a 1-day fundraising event 2010 called “High Ice Tea @ 3”organized by the Associates in Mental Health & Disabilities (AMHD) in Berkeley, NJ.


The sub-theme of DRAGON GALLERY NEW YORK, “There’s More to Art” aptly echoes this appealing bond of art with other human endeavors such as mental health, like autism, which is the focus of ensuing exhibits in this space called “The Colors of Autism,” featuring the works of Lez Lorene Timbal-Sambajon.




“Sarimanok Chants”                                     

Oil & Acrylic on Canvas

2 ft. x 3 ft., 2015

Artist price: $350

(Artist’s note: Finalist entry to the Nexus International Juried Art Show in the Arts Guild of New Jersey, USA, 2016)


“Sarimanok Swirls”

Oil & Acrylic on Canvas

2 ft. x 3 ft., 2015

Artist price: $350


“Untitled Series 1 to 9”

Pen & Ink Drawings on Handmade Paper

5 x 8 inches, 2016

Artist price: $50 each


“Mother Nature Series 1 to 8”

Acrylic on Paper

Artist price: $20 each


This Exhibition will run through October 4, 2016. For details, contact Myrna D. Santos: myrnyc@msn.com or call (718) 687 – 2581; Ludy Resurreccion” Ludydavao@outlook.com or call (718) 644 – 3513.


Building Bridges for Artists, by Artists: Bien Bones Banez, Jun Soliven, Linda Rufo & Bong Espinosa with Myrna D. Santos at Dragon Gallery New York 09.30.16


I  Unveiling & Dedication

II Presentation

   "Building Bridges Program for Fil-Am Artists"

III Inter-Cultural Dialogue in Visual Arts by Bong Espinosa

    Inter-Cultural Dialogue in Communities by Ludy Resurreccion

III Garden Reception & Networking at "The Little Prince Room"

Sarimanok Series

                                     Juxtaposition of DANCE on ART 

                                    Gilda Sambajon & Pangalay Dance

                                        Rich DESIGN & COLORS on Fabric

                                     Saima Shah: The Pakistani Woman

Inter-Cultural Dialogue in Communities


  • WINDOWS by Margarita Marfori
  • The Colors of Autism
  • Suspended in a Lullaby
  • The Bucket List of an Artist
  • The Art of Abeh Sulit: The Pain of AIDS
  • The Night Butterfly 
  • The Cross Roads of Photography and Painting 
  • Depression Glass Collection
  • CA Women Collection 
The Art of Abeh Sulit: Self Portrait

The Partners, Network & Collaborators


Banig sa Bood

Divine Child Foundation

Fil-Am Artists

Las Islas Filipinas

Philippine Community Center Services for Aging

Founder/Executive Director

Myrna D. Santos

Executive Director,The Nursing Office Extended Arts

Marcos Panlilio

Program Director

Ludy Resurreccion

Director of Visual Arts

Bienvenido Banez

Director of Lighting

Roberto G. Santos

Art Consultant

Victor "Bong" Espinosa