We have several books in the making. We cordially invite you to share your contribution of any kind in the publication of these books.


  • The Philippines: A Nurse Nation
  • A Filipino Nurse for Every Nation
  • Borne Nightingales
  • The American Malayalee


Please contact us at  if you are interested. You'll have a part of these legacies.

First Kinding Sindaw Book Coming Up


We invite you to join us and enjoy these books:


Dancing Women by Rina Corpus

Las Islas Filipinas by Cristo Rey Alunan

The Art of Awakening the Soul by Prashant S. Shah

Abstract: The practice of mysticism teaches you the art of attuning with a higher consiousness. Then instead of being guided by the desires and tendencies of your mind and body, you are guided by the promptings of a higher consciousness. This practice will develop you insight and give you the experience of lasting peace and contentment, which no outer pursuit can ever give.


The Richest Woman in Babylon by Annette Tersigni

The Nursing Care of Communities by Zenaida Uzigan-Famorca

Fr. Ben Beltran at the book launching, Oct.17,2012, Philippine Center, NYC


Faith and Struggle on Smokey Mountain

Hope for a Planet in Peril

By Benigno P. Beltran


Smokey Mountain, a vast garbage dump in Manila, the Philippines, served for many years as an emblem of Third World squalor. In many ways, it is a metaphor for a planet slowly choking on garbage and waste. But for Fr. Beltran, who served for three decades as chaplain to the 25,000 scavengers who survive off this reeking heap, it is also a metaphor of hope, an emblem of the will to survive, the ability to create joy and find meaning even in the midst of abject poverty.


Faith and Struggle on Smokey Mountain describes the spiritual resilience of struggling peoples, and how, through their eyes, Fr. Beltran learned to read the Gospel anew. The lessons he learned bear a message for all who struggle for a better world.

Dr. Barbara Wallace (seated, middle) author of Journal of Equity in Health

Journal of Equity in Health

By Dr. Barbara Wallace