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CAFW, Inc.

(Logo illustration) 3 women with 3 large clay pots on their heads walking gracefully with upright backs and in stride with one another, dressed up in ethnic clothes.

(Symbolism) 3 pots stand for women's role, tasks, and responsibilities:

  • Women as Culture Bearers
  • Women as Community Leaders
  • Women as Family Pillars.


The Coalition for the Advancement of Filipino Women (CAFW) is a 501 (c)(3) human service network of grassroots organizations and individuals from all walks of life, committed to improving the status of women, and their families and communities, through


  • Family, spiritual, economic and political empowerment
  • Youth support and leadership development
  • Citizenship education
  • Equity and equality in health care


Striving for fair and just treatment of all categories of people, by creating opportunities and mechanisms to translate community resources and capacities into purposeful and meaningful actions.

CAFW shares with the women of the world a commitment to action to realize the common vision of a global community where equality, equity, justice, development and peace reign.


Lutgarda M. Resurreccion, CAFW, Inc., Secretary-Treasurer

 c/o The Nursing Office Community Center

 115-03 Atlantic Avenue

 Richmond Hill, NY 11418

 Tel (718) 441-1848   Fax (718) 441- 1341

 Email: Ludy_mr@hotmail.com


Irvi Sulit presents the original version of the LOGO of CAFW designed by Artist Ahbe Sulit in 1995 to Myrna D. Santos, of The Nursing Office & Gilda Sambajon of Banig sa Bood, in a special meeting to revisit the memories of CAFW. (8/8/2016)


Banig sa Bood founder Gilda Sambajon, Irvi Sulit of Toburan Wholistic Health Initiative and Myrna D. Santos of The Nursing Office for Coalition for the Advancement of Filipino Women.(8-8-2016)
Richmond Hill Pakistani Women: "Women Supporting Women" 5/25/2016
Pan Pacific and South East Asian Women Association, (PPSEAWA) New York Chapter (3/2016)
HTS Foundation, Banig sa Bood President, Gilda Sambajon
Queens Library
My Baryo, My Borough
AARP, PAGASA Social Foundation