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Steve Hermosisima, AHA Philippines Executive, visits The Nursing Office New York (12.13.17)
Corporate Sunday "Moving Forward an Enterprise": Myrna D. Santos, Chief Nurse, IT Director, John Llemos, CEO, Ludy Resurreccion, and Chief Financial Officer, Nieva Burdick (2.19.2017)
Dr. Leonides Pullido, Ma. Consuelo Almonte, PCCSA President, Dr. Gerry Barranda and Eric Lachica,US MEDICARE PH, in the Philippine Community Center Services for Aging at The Nursing Office, Richmond Hill, NY (09/09/2017)

ACCESS HEALTHCARE ASIA, INC., also known as “AHA, Inc.”

Background: Formed by Emil Sylvester Ramos, Mark Rivera, Steve T. Hermosisima and Lutgarda M. Resurreccion on August 30, 2016, in Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines. This is a partnership between and among Asia-based and US-based companies as well as a coalition of for-profit and non-profit organizations, bonded by the overall mission of serving communities in USA and Asia, initially the Philippines. It is an interconnecting and interweaving of human, technological, socio-economic resources, or Shared Mission, Shared Governance, and Shared Resources.

The founding companies and organizations are:  Our Evergreen Mission (Manila) represented by Emil Sylvester Ramos; Minka Ventures (Manila)represented by Mark Rivera; US Medicare Philippines (US) represented by Steve Hermosisima, and Four Dragon Global Network, Inc. D/B/A The Nursing Office. Com represented by Lutgarda M. Resurreccion. Based initially in Manila and New York City, the company’s goal is to involve companies in the ASEAN region as well as companies in North America whose converging vision-missions are upholding, promoting, and enhancing the health of all human beings and the global environment.

Goals & Objectives

The overall goal is to open, initiate, provide and facilitate ACCESS TO HEALTHCARE in its broadest meaning, utilizing science-based information and technology for efficient and effective delivery, from health promotion, clinical services, delivery of prescription medicines, Medicare insurance reimbursements, health education, housing, recreation and retirement facilities, clean water and environmental protection, to the manufacturing, marketing and distribution of environment and ecology-friendly health products, supplies or equipment for general health maintenance in homes, schools, offices and other public and private arenas.

Program I:  

MEDICARE Insurance Reimbursements

An estimated 10 million Filipino Americans are in search of options for USA health insurance supported health care in the Philippines, where they can optimize their Balikbayan homecoming experience and privileges, according to US Medicare Philippines. As more and more hospitals and healthcare facilities in the Philippines obtain accreditation from JCI (Joint Commission International) to render healthcare services to US citizens who have Medicare, Access Healthcare Asia, Inc., is positioned to initiate, provide and facilitate Medicare insurance reimbursements for Filipino Americans who avail of healthcare services from JCI-accredited hospitals and other healthcare facilities while visiting or residing in the Philippines


Medical Tourism

Access Healthcare Asia, Inc., supports the advocacy of US Medicare Philippines to urge the current Philippine Government to support and promote the McKinsey feasibility study, “Capturing the Medical Tourism Opportunity in the Philippines,” February 16, 2015.  The founding companies of Access Healthcare Asia, Inc., would take the lead in recruiting, organizing, coalescing, and collaborating with other new and mission-related NGOs (non-government organizations) in the Philippines and in the ASEAN region.

Retirement Industry

Simultaneous with the push towards Medical Tourism would be the Retirement Industry Road Map, currently being included in the agenda of the present Philippine Government.  Access Healthcare Asia, Inc., with the networks of its founding companies could very well play a pivotal role in “mapping” the beginnings of a feasible and solid Philippine retirement industry, open to all global citizens.


Program II:

The estimated 10 million Filipino Americans cannot live like islands of beneficent health care (sustained by US Medicare insurance) amongst an ocean of Filipinos, more than 70% of whom live in poverty and who do not have basic primary health care.  This situation is an “apartheid” classes of ‘haves” and “have-nots” that creates a formidable and wealth-draining health crisis among the 100 million plus population.

Again, according to the same source, another 5 million overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in North America & Europe need reliable quality, affordable healthcare for themselves and their dependents.


Therefore, the current Philippine Government administration has set up the 2016-2022 Philippine Health Agenda (http://www.doh.gov.ph/philippine_health_agenda)founded on Values of Equity, Efficiency, Quality and Transparency.The PHA guarantees financial freedom when accessing Universal Health Insurance; Service Delivery Network of fully functional health facilities, and Healthcare for all Life Stages & Triple Burden of Disease (communicable, non-communicable diseases & malnutrition, diseases of rapid urbanization & industrialization).


Access Healthcare Asia, Inc., as its founding and enlarged circle of companies develop and morph its vision-mission, could very well fill in the gaps and challenges in health management information, access to health products and services, leadership training and support, and various structural changes in the healthcare situation of the Philippine and ASEAN regions.


The Philippine Health Agenda (PHA) strategy with the acronym “ACHIEVE” shows an informative and purposive map into how Access Healthcare Asia, Inc., could design and formulate its programs, services, and products to address the unmet and/or ever-growing needs of the Rising Tiger of Asia.  As outlined “ACHIEVE” provides a solid blueprint and stable public ground for companies like Access Healthcare Asia, Inc., to truly deliver health care that people deserve and to rise along the tide of urbanization and industrialization in the Philippines and ASEAN regions.


A–Advance quality health care and primary care

C – Cover all Filipinos from health-related financial risk

H – Harness the power of HRH development

I –Invest in eHealth and data for decision-making

E – Enforce standards of accountability and transparency

V – Value all clients, especially the poor, marginalized, and vulnerable

E – Elicit multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder support for health.


Lutgarda Resurreccion

Program Director/The Nursing Office.Com


Honorable Ruth Padilla, RN (fourth from the left) and Dr. Letty Puguon, PhD, RN , (third from left)

The Nursing Office Phillipines is now an active organization, led by Dr. Leticia Puguon, PhD, RN, to promote the mission and vision of Community and Public Health Delivery, as a Nurse Driven Healthcare Solution. The organization involve nurse volunteers and other civic-oriented individuals in the region of Nueva Vizcaya.



Championing Nurses and the People


While the Philippines has been a “Nurse Nation” providing nurses to the international community since the 1960’s, it is also noted as one of the great examples of a successful “People Power” as it mobilized the people to overthrow a government oppressing the people. There is no doubt that this country that has surplus of nurses should not be able to take care of its people given a well designed model of delivery and infrastructure.  


We are calling all nurses to establish and organize their own nursing office in their communities. This program will ensure jobs for thousands of nurses and continued interactive preventative healthcare for communities as we empower them to have initiatives and leadership, as well as empower the people to take care of themselves.


As the Philippine population grows enormously, how can these people be taken cared of en masse effectively? While there is an abundance of unemployed nurses, we are taking the initiative to design a model where we can put nurses to work .Therefore, we are calling all nurses to respond and accept this challenge to take care of our people and communities.


Phases of Development


Phase I

·         Identify registered nurses, retired nurses, student nurses and related healthcare providers.

·         Identify community resources: governmental, non-governmental organizations (ngo), personal/individual.

·         Leadership Training: Empower the Nurse


Phase II

·         Identify targeted communities

·         Community assessment of needs

·         Community Organizing: Empower the People


Phase III

·         Designing programs and services based on the needs

·         Design Program Plan and Sustainability


Phase IV

·         Implementation of Programs

·         Sustainability and Funding


Phase V

·         Documentation: photos and written summary of report

·         Assessment of Effectiveness of programs and services


Leticia Puguon:

Preserving the ‘Ikalahan‘ pride
by Ben Moses Ebreo


The nursing profession already brought her to international conventions but she is never remiss in visiting fellow tribal folk to bring free medical services.

In fact, regular medical visits to the upland barangay of Imugan and neighboring villages in Sta. Fe, Nueva Vizcaya is no longer a new challenge for Leticia Puguon, 61, a registered nurse by profession.

It is her vocation, a vow she started after earning her nursing degree and landed a job in the government service.

Puguon who holds a Nurse IV position at the Provincial Health Office (PHO) in the capital town of Bayombong rose from the care of a poor family at barangay Imugan, a situation she treasured as a challenge to reach her dream profession.

“Our life then was difficult but because of the help of our fellow villagers who inspired me and pushed me to study, I did it,” she said.

Puguon studied at the Imugan Elementary School, earned her secondary education at the Kiangan Academy in Kiangan, Ifugao and got her college degree at the Union Christian College and at the Lorma School of Nursing, both in San Fernando City, La Union and at the Nueva Ecija Colleges in Cabanatuan City.

The absence of health workers in their barangay, especially during her childhood, days prompted her to take up the nursing course.

Guided by the religious teachings of then Reverend Pastor Delbert Rice, a United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP) protestant missionary during her childhood years, Puguon grew up nurturing Christian values and beliefs along with her cultural beliefs and traditions as an Ikalahan native. Rice also assisted her in acquiring scholarship grants from benevolent individuals abroad.

In return, Puguon continues to provide medical services in Sta. Fe for free, bringing in doctors and fellow nurses, and free medicines for Sta. Fe villagers who are in need of medical attention and treatment. It was payback time.

She implemented the Community-Based Health Program, a primary health care approach which started at barangay Imugan in 1984.

She served as the provincial coordinator for the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) and Control of Diarrheal Diseases (CDD) while doing primary health care activities.

In 1989, she organized the Federation of Barangay Health Workers (BHWs) of Nueva Vizcaya to which she served as adviser.

Puguon finished her master’s degree in nursing, major in mother and child nursing from the St. Paul University Philippines in Tuguegarao City, and tucked a doctor in philosophy degree from the Nueva Vizcaya State University.

“We should be proud of our culture and show to our fellow IPs that we can become cultural models in our communities,” Puguon tells her people.

She said the improving health and nutritional status in the upland villages have inspired her to move on with her vocation and serve with all the dedication and commitment she can now muster.

“When I started my profession and service, we did not mind our low salary. First and foremost for us is to serve our fellow IPs. It gave us satisfaction and inspiration,” Puguon said.

Puguon was the lone representative of the country to the International College of Nursing-Global Nursing Leadership Institute at Chatteau de Bossey in Geneva, Switzerland in September 2012, and in the International Training on Community Maternal Child and Child Nursing at KhonKaen University in Thailand in 1993.

Her awards portfolio include Most Outstanding Nurse in Community Health Nursing by the National League of Philippine Government Nurses, Inc. In January 2011; Public Service Award by the North East Luzon Conference of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP) in May 2008; Outstanding Nurse in Region 02 by the Philippine Nurses Association (PNA), Inc. in October 2003; PAG-ASA Award by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) as member of the Quality Service Improvement Program (QSIP) of the health sector in Nueva Vizcaya in September 2000; certificate of recognition for the services rendered to the victims of the July 1990 earthquake by the Department of Health (DOH) National League of Nurses in January 1991; outstanding nurse in the field of rural services by the PNA Nueva Vizcaya Chapter in June 1990; and, Most Outstanding Nurse of Nueva Vizcaya by the PNA Nueva Vizcaya Chapter in 1990.

She was a former PNA governor for Cagayan Valley, corporate secretary, and in 2012, was vice president for programs and development of the PNA national chapter. A wife to a Probation and Parole Officer and mother to her three sons and a daughter, Puguon is now the incumbent president of the Nueva Vizcaya Provincial Employees’ Association (NVPEA) .

“A major challenge for us is to be at par with our lowland counterparts. Let us show them that discrimination has no room in our society,” she said.



Vizcayano nurse recognized

On its fifth year, the Iddu (Ibanag term which means Love) has recognized 50 women in various fields of specialization which started in 2012 as a side activity of the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) when it selected its own ten outstanding women from all over the region with various categories. This year’s list of awardees came from various educational backgrounds, degrees and interests but with a common purpose of serving their community and to serve it well.

Leticia Puguon, a nurse from the Ikalahan tribe in Sta. Fe, Nueva Vizcaya that landed a Nurse IV position at the Provincial Health Office (PHO) was one of the 10 Iddu Honor Role for Women awardees along with Jhonalyn Tecbobolan (Tuguegarao City, Cagayan), Gilda Reola (Environment Protection, Quirino), Emelyn-Quintos Libunao (Gender and Development, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan), Eunice Layugan (Education, Aparri, Cagayan), Ponciana Condoy (Social Services, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan), Emilia Taguiam (Local Governance, Penablanca, Cagayan), Jocelyn Danao (Overseas Work, Penablanca, Cagayan), Vilinda Bernardo (Local Legislature, Cabautan, Isabela) and Josefina Parungao (Community Services, Quirino) held last March 22 at Events Place, Hotel Carmelita, Tuguegarao City.

Puguon’s profession as a nurse already brought her to international conventions and never remiss in visiting fellow tribal folk to bring free medical services as she continues to provide free medical services in Sta. Fe, bringing in doctors and fellow nurses, and free medicines for her “Sta. Fenians” who are in need of medical attention and treatment.

“When I started my profession and service, I did not mind our low salary. First and foremost for me is to serve our fellow IPs. It gave me satisfaction and inspiration,” Puguon said.

The improving health and nutritional status in the upland villages have also inspired her to move on with her vocation and serve with all the dedication and commitment she can now muster. #GP



Organizing The Nursing Office for the Philippines ( 7/05/2014)
Rose Campos(far left) of TNO-Phil meets with TNO-NY(6-3-2014)
Setting up TNO QUEZON with Florida Phanomrat (5-17-2014)
Setting Up TNO/ Nursing Annex-DAVAO with Dr. Evelyn Badlon (5-13-2014)




Senator Cynthia Villar has vowed to help unemployed nurses in country by pushing for entrepreneurship through nurse clinics.


Speaking at the 3rd Mindanao Nursing Summit of the Southern Philippines Medical Center Nurses Association in Davao City, the lady senator said she is just waiting for a feasible proposal 'so we can start working together on it.'


“Feel free to approach me if you have a good proposal on this. I want it to succeed so that it can be duplicated also, like what we did in my livelihood programs,” Villar said.
She noted that establishing nurses clinic or specialty clinic for nurses is similar to the other livelihood enterprises which she had built, except that the former will use the professional qualifications and competence of nurses.


She expressed her belief that nurses becoming entrepreneurs is one way to address the issue of unemployment in the nursing sector.
“I hope you know that I and my husband, former Senate President Manny Villar, are advocates of entrepreneurship,” said Villar.
She said nurses can actually put up specialty clinics and become entrepreneurs. The services nurses can provide in nurse clinics are health and wellness therapy, emergency response, baby care, private nursing for the sick or the elderly, among others.

She related that during her interactions with several nursing groups, she found out that many nurses want to establish the so-called nurse clinics.
“We have already pilot projects for this like the one built in Leveriza, Pasay City and at the University of the Philippines,” noted the lady lawmaker.

Villar also filed Senate Bill 1266 or “A Nurse in Every Barangay Act’, seeking to give employment to nurses, assigning one registered nurse for every barangay.

Villar said her proposed measure intends to urgently address the problem of unemployment and underutilization of thousands of unemployed nurses. It urges the government to mobilize these unemployed nurses by dispatching at least one registered nurse to every barangay in the country.

While admitting that this would be a difficult task, she assured her audience she would push through with the measure currently in the committees on health, local governments, and finance.

Aside from providing employment, her bill would also improve the delivery of public healthcare services.

“The duties of each dispatched nurse are not only to address the immediate medical needs of the community, but also to educate the barangay residents on the importance of health, hygiene, sanitation and wellness—particularly in the remotest and poorest communities. Their goal is not only to address the immediate medical needs of the community but also to prevent illnesses through education,” she said.

Villar vowed to support other bills filed in the Senate which would benefit nurses help ensure their passage into law. [via Source]


Leticia Puguon, PhD, RN

September 8, 2013

Had my 1st Community Outreach today at Barangay Bansing, Bayombong,Nueva Vizcaya(10 kms from the Poblacion) where I gave out micronutrient supplements (iron syrup, micronutrient powder and deworming tablets to ten(10) pre-schooland school children who attended church service in the Outreach Church of Bayombong United Methodist Church because I was invited Speaker in their Harvest Festival Sunday...I also did a therapeutic massage to a senior citizen with body aches...This is the start of our Community Outreach for The Nursing Office's The Nurse Is In Project..I will have my Orientation Meeting with Nurse Volunteers before or after my trip to Bangkok, Thailand on Sept. 18-20, 2013....More activities are planned and to be implemented somehow..please pray for our Project to push through...Lastly, I need sponsors for my airfare to Bangkok...Thanks to those who will positively respond...God bless you..


Leticia Puguon, PhD, RN
September 15, 2013
Good morning from Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines!! I was in Echague, Isabela yesterday PM to attend the Meeting of the PNA, Isabela Chapter Officers..It was my opportunity to share to Nurses Fely Balico, President, Miriam Macutay, VPPD and Tony, COMELEC Chair the Project: The Nurse Is In of The Nursing Office which they all welcomed to implement in the Province of Isabela, Philippines, the biggest province in Cagayan Vallley as to population and land area. This would be an expansion of The Nursing Office-Nueva Vizcaya. I shared to them a copy of the project concept. This, will somehow help in the strengthening the Association's weakening status because there are only few officers attending their meetings..I am appealing for Nurses from Isabela Province based and making good abroad would share some of your resources, cash or in kind for the start of our Project in Isabela as soon as we can.. We need BP apparatus and other simple medical and nursing gadgets we can use in our community outreach and Health Fairs in support to the government in Nation-Building... may this appeal touch your hearts!! I hope Vincent will respond positively on this by inviting your colleagues there to respond to this call...Thank you and God bless you!!



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